Letter to Consumers

For a Better Future

With health and safety at the forefront of the collective world's mind, KAVE Industries' novel air purification technology was developed to provide protection against airborne viruses to meet the extraordinary needs of today.

Designed to destroy micro-organisms faster and more effectively than any other technology that currently exists, airKAVE's patented Plascide® plasma technology is the first of its kind.

What started as large-scale technology built to sanitize the air in public venues has now pivoted to meet the needs of every individual. airKAVE literally puts lighting in a bottle to eliminate viruses in the air, setting a new standard in air purification.

At KAVE Industries, we are dedicated to continual innovation and committed to providing the best solutions in clean air technology.  So wherever your day takes you, airKAVE allows you to get back to your daily life and GO. BE. YOU.

Revolutionizing the Way We Breathe.

Feel Safe Again

Breathe in confidence.  Reclaim the trust you once had in the air and the entire world around you.

Restore Normalcy

Return to all your daily activities with a renewed sense of protection in the environment around you.


Optimize the quality and standards of air sanitization technology through data and science with confidence.

Science at the
Microbial Level.

Plasma, the lesser known fourth state of matter, holds powerful air sanitization capabilities rooted in its high energy state.

Through its Plascide® technology, airKAVE utilizes this power to efficiently destroy airborne biological pathogens, rendering them harmless.

Simply put, thousands of tiny lightning bolts ‘electrocute’ harmful pathogens and destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs) within a fraction of a second—all happening within the airKAVE device without releasing ions into the environment.

FDA Guidance

As an award-winning world leader in air sanitization, we meet the FDA performance and safety standards for COVID-19 emergency guidance.


3rd Party Testing

Our Plascide® technology has been validated and verified by internationally recognized institutions and leading authorities in air purification technology.


White Papers

We’ve worked rigorously to unleash the power of plasma in air sanitization. Explore the science behind our unprecedented patented Plascide® technology.


Invented by Internationally Renowned Nuclear Physicist, Herman Yik Wai Tsui, PhD.

Meet the extraordinary mind behind our Plascide® micro-lightning technology.

Dr. Tsui has served as Chairman on both the Nuclear Division and Information Technology Division of Hong Kong Institute of Engineers (HKIE) and the Energy Institute (Hong Kong Branch).

With a BA in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Manchester and a PhD. in Applied Physics from UMIST, Dr. Tsui is a global leader in plasma innovation.

Dr. Herman Tsui received the gold medal for his breakthrough invention in GenevaairKAVE was deemed the gold standard in air snitization technology in 2020airKAVE is a 2019 International Award Winning Invention

Our Products

Protect yourself from what you can’t see with Plascide® Micro-lightning technology.

airKAVE Portable

Portable, cordless, and filterless for a personal forcefield of clean air on the go and in public spaces.

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airKAVE Room

Room-sized sanitzation for your home, office or industry spaces. Perfect for small indoor areas.

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airKAVE Pro

Optimized for commercial locations, medical spaces, home care, offices and large indoor areas.

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airKAVE Retrofit

Air sanitization for large-scale HVAC / AHU use in commercial, medical or industrial locations.

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